Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rational Irrationality

Tonight as many nights previous i am finding myself with a general unsatisfactory view on society as a whole. This coupled with the fact that i am supposed to have a paper written by the time i enter class tomorrow (12:30) has pushed me toward the realization that i have entered a very pensive state on life and all things that pertain to it. Why must we, and by "we" i refer to us(society) as a whole, persist in making a large deal out of the smallest of matters? If while doing so we totally ignore the things that truly matter. Take for example the war in Iraq, there are men and women over in Iraq dieing every day for reasons we're not privy to and no-one has stood up and asked why. Is it for the oil? Is it because they led us to believe they had WMD's, which we still have not found? Is it because there's a big conspiracy? Is it because they're taking the relics of former civilizations to distribute to the wealthy and relish in their profane rituals? Who really knows?
While the men and women die over there every day fighting a war on behalf of people who do not want us there all the general population can do is wonder what Brittany Spears is going to do with her career, or what color dress some other stupid celebrity is going to wear to an unimportant event. Now don't get me wrong here i am not a proponent for the "fight the good fight" movement or anything, but I just find it disconcerting that we as a population, a whole, see the problems that face us and totally turn them aside for something so fickle as what another person is wearing to some event that has no importance to us or anyone whatsoever.
Another topic that rattles my is the banker bailout that happened recently. We have given these bigwigs A LOT of our tax money, and what have we gotten out of it? I'll tell you what we've gotten, false hope that the economy isn't going to shit in a hand basket. There are many other things they could have done with the money they had that would have made a hell of a lot more sense. For instance, instead of buying them out of their financial troubles by giving them some substantial amount of cash, Say the paid off all of the mortgages, leans and loans that were the main source of their financial failings. Then the people who had previously been struggling to pay their bills would have more cash spare and more hope to where their futures lie. Is being laid off from work and having a family home with you starving really how far the American dream has fallen?
Can you believe i have writers block? That's the one thing that gave birth to this blog, now look at me i can't seem to shut up about things that strike me as odd. I suppose writing on here is somewhat helpful in a morbidly masochistic yet subtly therapeutic way. Well i do suppose i've ranted enough for one blog session, and its not getting any earlier here (4:10 can't sleep). Until next time i suppose, whenever that may be, good luck.

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